Battlefront 2 Han Solo Season Starts Next Week, Will Last For Two Months

Seems like Battlefront 2 development is back, focusing on new seasonal content for the game. Back in December, the Last Jedi served as the launching pad for the first season and similarly, it will follow the same pattern for the second Season. The Battlefront 2 Han Solo Season is scheduled to start next week.

Not only are we one week away from Battlefront 2 Han Solo Season, according to the developers, it will spread across two months. May’s content shall include the Hero Showdown mode, which offers 2v2 battles with a diminishing pool of heroes.

The Starfighter custom arcade will let you take on AI opponents and polish your piloting skills. It will also include Jabba’s Palace map, making a return from the previous Battlefront.

This offering may sound a little less and provided it does, you should know that you are not the only one, the feeling is mutual. As soon as the announcement of Battlefront 2 Han Solo Season was made, the Battlefront subreddit has been overrun with a general discontent. Even the announcement has been downvoted 60%.

On top of that, some of the most popular posts at the moment are some variation of the idea that EA and DICE are slowly abandoning the game. We would be lying if we do not recognize the fact, as recently EA pretty much acknowledged it saying “We Made Mistakes’ With Star Wars Battlefront 2”.

The reputation of Battlefront 2 has certainly struggled since its launch, all the while there have been some good times as well, players did stick to the game with somewhat of a positive reaction but seems like that time is coming to an end.

Both EA and DICE did try to revive the game by revamping the game’s progression system in the previous updates but it doesn’t seem to completely play out.

Having said that, we will have to wait and see what they actually plan to do with the game.