Battlefield 5 Teaser Trailer Coming on May 23, Battlefield Will “Never Be the Same”

According to the official EA website, something related to the next Battlefield is going to be shared later this month. Since the full reveal is set for EA PLAY, we can only expect a teaser trailer on said date, May 23.

Battlefield will “never be the same,” says EA DICE. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean jetpacks, boost jumps, and wall-running.¬† There is no artwork, no screenshots, right now that tease anything related to Battlefield 5.

Battlefield 5

For now, we do know that Battlefield 5 is going to feature a single player mode contrary to some rumors. Also, rumor has it that the next Battlefield is, in fact, Bad Company 3.

Battlefield 1 was a major success for Battlefield franchise. EA backed the project when DICE wanted to take it back to World War 1. It sold well with over 20 million users across the globe.

Where is Battlefield 5 Set?

There are a number of rumors surrounding this exact question. Some claim that the game is a modern day boots on the ground shooter, others say it is Bad Company 3, and some claim that EA DICE is going to World War 2. The most likely setting seems like modern day boots on the ground game which could be Bad Company 3.

Rumor of Bad Company 3 had been around for a while but it took off when a person believed to be an EA DICE developer posted on Twitter. He practically leaked the name of the next Battlefield game before making his account private.

No one knows for sure what his intentions were and if he is indeed an EA DICE dev. However, interestingly, he was followed by the official Battlefield Twitter account.

Battlefield 5 Release Date

Battlefield 1 released in October 2016 so an October 2018 release¬†window for Battlefield 5 seems highly likely. One thing is for sure that the release date will be the time around Call of Duty’s arrival. The game will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

When is EA PLAY?

June 9-11, 2018 at The Hollywood Palladium. The show will go live before E3 2018 so we can expect even more details coming out of Microsoft and Sony’s press events.