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Sony Console Warranties Terms Changed For PS4, PlayStation VR, PS Vita And PS3

Sony has announced that they have made some changes to the warranties of PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PS Vita and PS3 consoles in the United States and Canada. Seems to be that changes in the Sony Console Warranties are a result of direct pressure applied by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Just a few days back Asus, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony received a warning letter from the US Federal Trade Commission over what the agency deemed to be illegal warranty terms. Each company was given 30 days notice to update their policies or they will have to face possible legal action.

Turns out, Sony was a bit too prompt to cater response to this issue. We came to know of these changes in the Sony Console Warranties through the PlayStation official support website.

Two major clauses which have been added by Sony are also now available for you to read.

  • Our previous warranties stated that the warranty does not apply if the product is used with a peripheral that is not supplied or licensed by SIE. Our updated warranties state that the warranty does not apply “to damage caused by” use of the product with an unlicensed peripheral.
  • Our previous warranties stated that the warranty does not apply if the warranty seal on the product has been altered or removed. Our updated warranty states that the warranty does not apply “to damage caused by” opening the product or to damage caused by service performed by someone other than a representative of SIE or an SIE-authorized service provider.

Furthermore, the changes in the Sony Console Warranties include; “free return shipping for in-warranty consoles in the U.S. and Canada and free return shipping for repaired (or factory-recertified) consoles to the customer.”

So apparently what this means is that now these new terms effectively replace the printed warranties you have. Which also means that now Sony will provide service even if your warranty seal sticker has been removed, provided the damage was not caused by the act of opening the console itself.

To be honest this pressure by the FTC has been really effective and from the looks of it, the changes do seem to be in a better shape for the consumers, perhaps.

That being said, recently Sony has revealed its financials for the fiscal year ending and based on its announcement it has sold 76.1 million PS4 consoles since the launch and has shipped $19 million units in the fiscal year.

So apparently they are on top of everything, from success with the sales of their finest consoles to making changes in the Sony Console Warranties.