Not All Nintendo Switch Games Will Support Cloud Saves, Nintendo Hints

Nintendo recently revealed details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch online service, which is a paid membership. Nintendo Switch online service will give you various benefits including free NES games and the most requested feature which will give you the ability to backup your files to the cloud known as cloud saves but there’s a catch to it.

Nintendo Switch cloud saves is an amazing feature as we all know, but if you go to the official Nintendo website you’ll see a note beneath the cloud save feature and it says “Please note: not compatible with all software.” which makes us all think what does that mean. Maybe Nintendo will let developers choose whether they want to give this feature or not.

This happened when Nintendo recently added video functions to the Switch, but not all games and applications support it. In another scenario it can also mean that Nintendo could be referring to apps, not games, so we will have to wait to find out more. Stay tuned to SegmentNext in order to learn more.

Other than cloud saves you will be also getting free NES games including Tennis, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Soccer, Super Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong and Ice Climber. There are more games which will be announced most likely in September.

The service will be required to play games online and as well for the Nintendo Switch smartphone app which is used for voice chat.

The online service will also include family membership which will allow you to share your membership with up to 7 different people and it will cost you $34.99 USD.

You can get an individual membership for a month, 3 months and a year. Which will cost you:

  • $3.99 USD for 1 Month
  • $7.99 USD for 3 Months
  • $19.99 USD for 12 Months

Are you excited about the new features and what do you think the limitations hinted by Nintendo regarding Cloud saves for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.