Fortnite Has Already Nerfed Thanos In Infinity Gauntlet Mode, Fans Not Happy

Just a day ago Fortnite added an all-new mode inspired by Avengers: Infinity War, which is called Infinity Gauntlet mode, letting players take the role of Thanos if you acquire the glove from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it looks like Epic games realized that Thanos is overpowered so they decided to nerf the famous mad Titan.

It all makes sense to us after we watched the Infinity War that a guy who can control all Infinity stones won’t be easy to take down even in Fortnite.

Epic games sent out a Tweet regarding the tweaks:

The update is now live and the changes have been made. Patch notes are as follows:

  • Max Health has been increased from 700 to 800.
  • Shield cap has been decreased from 300 to 200.
  • Laser damage vs. players decreased from 15 to 12.

Epic Games also mentioned that they will continue to check the feedback in regards to the changes made with Thanos, means we can expect further changes regarding him in the future updates.

Fans on Fortnite subreddit don’t seem happy with the changes made and mostly want Thanos to be buffed in order to represent his real character and show that why he is unstoppable in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In other news Fortnite Season 4 is here and brings some serious terrain changes to the popular battle royale title. Alongside the kickstart of Season 4, Epic Games has a brand new season pass released for Fortnite, filled with new outfits, emotes and more.

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Fortnite is on a long road to success and recently we discovered that it is the most played game in 8 regions on Xbox One.

Are you satisfied with the changes made to Thanos? Let us know in the comments below.