EA Predicts PS4 And Xbox One Sales To Reach 130 Million, While 30 Million For Switch

In the latest financial conference call of Electronic Arts, for the fourth quarter of fiscal year, 2018; chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen translated what EA Predictions suggest, regarding PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sales for the current year.

According to EA’s Predictions, PS4 and Xbox One will “continue to be strong” in terms of sales and the combined installed base of the two consoles will grow by 130 million units by the end of the calendar year 2018.

So, assuming that if EA’s Predictions are correct, then the Xbox One should have sold 29.4 million units by December 31st, 2017 already, considering that Sony itself estimated to have sold 73.6 million PS4 units by that same date.

Sony actually did reach, the number, a little late but its pretty much there.  In the Sony’s recent fiscal year ending on March 31, revealed that it has sold 76.1 million PS4 consoles since launch.

With all that being said, the margin of error with these estimates can surely be pretty wide, especially when combining them. So take these EA Predictions with a grain of salt.

Blake Jorgensen also added that EA expects the Nintendo Switch sales to reach 30 million by the end of the year.

That being said, the case with the Xbox sales are on an interesting curve. Apparently, Microsoft has not released Xbox One sales but claims there has been growth. Which is hilarious to some level as well. Provided if there has been growth, why would the company hesitate.

Now moving on to Nintendo Switch, in the recent update by Nintendo, sales numbers of Switch and 3DS were revealed as of March 31st.

According to the data, Nintendo Switch sales reached 17.79 million and the company further suggests the sales to reach 20 Million more by March 2019.

Reminding once again, since these are mere estimates and predictions, we can not completely rely on them. Only time will tell how these sales shape up.