Desolation Of Mordor, Shadow Of War DLC, Gets A Launch Trailer For Release

A new piece of Middle-earth: Shadow of War DLC, entitled Desolation Of Mordor, has been released today, allowing players the ability to take on the role of another character in a side story that takes place outside of Mordor. Players will be taking on the role of Baranor instead.

Baranor was a minor character in the original Shadow of War game, a part-Harad captain of the guard in Minas Ithil that managed to survive the fall of the city, and eventually escaped Mordor to continue the fight against Sauron elsewhere. The new trailer shows us that he and the surviving soldiers of Minas Ithil moved south of Mordor into the harsh desert lands of Lithlad, and now Baranor must gather allies to free the region from Sauron’s influence.

Since he’s a normal human, not an elf that’s been fighting the Nazgul for centuries like Eltariel or an undead human powered up by the ghost of an elven blacksmith, Baranor is instead going to be looking to various devices in order to move around the new region, and instead of dominating orcs to his will, Baranor will be looking for mercenaries to help him fight.

In addition to a new region to explore and new enemies to fight, in Desolation of Mordor Baranor will also be running into allies both old and new. Torvin the dwarf, an ally of Talion’s from Shadow of Mordor, makes an appearance, giving Baranor various devices like a grappling hook and a shield, along with a paraglider that he can use to get around rooftops.

Baranor will also be encountering human mercenaries called the Vanishing Suns, which he will use to help free the region of Sauron’s influence. And thankfully, unlike Talion’s orcs, they will never betray Baranor, which will make the DLC much easier. What makes it even more interesting is that Baranor’s brother is their leader, which will bring in an interesting dynamic.

You can pick up Desolation of Mordor now on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC versions of the game.