New Days Gone Information Revealed Shedding Light To Its Gameplay

Days Gone has been covered in this month’s GameInformer monthly magazine, revealing more information about its content and what you’ll go against when it finally releases. Thanks to Reddit, all the Days Gone information you might need has been gathered in one post. Let’s take a look at what has been revealed through GameInformer.

Days Gone has been in development for five years and the first idea came after making Uncharted Golden Abyss. Its developer team has more than 100 developers since the team size has doubled over the past years.

Regarding its story, Days Gone picks up several years after a pandemic has ravaged the US. People infected by the virus are simply called “infected” by NERO (National Emergency Response Organization). As revealed, its plot is about surviving, not finding a cure. In case you were wondering about its content, there will be no fetch quests or time trials, everything has context. However, you’ll have Freaker-ear bounties, hunting animals, camps to clear as well as flashback missions where you learn about Deacon’s past with Sarah.

NERO operated 12 checkpoints for quarantining and processing people but during the game are abandoned. There are 5 encampments in the world which Deacon (the protagonist) goes between and he’ll have to forge relationships with those. Deacon has “survival vision” which highlights items of interest, can be upgraded to highlight enemies.

Overall, there will be large cities to explore and you will have to clear each location you visit first, in order to be able to fast travel. In camps, Deacon ambush and will also have the opportunity to scout with the use of binoculars.

Deacon is the enforcer of a biker club called the Mongrels and has a mercenary friend named Boozer. Stealing Boozer’s stuff will make him upset, which will affect your relationship. His Bike will be completely upgradeable with cosmetic upgrades such as paint jobs. Furthermore, you can increase fuel efficiency and durability and swap out tires based on weather. Also, his stamina, health, time slowdown are upgradable.

Let’s talk weapons now. In Days Gone you’ll find a wide variety of weapons such as Shotguns, sniper rifles, Molotov cocktails, pistols, LMGs, grenades, napalm. You can find weapons lockers and safehouses which refill ammo. Also, weapons look worn down because of the rain.

We also get to find out about the Freakers, one type of infected people that are drawn to dark places such as tunnels and will make nests. The only way to clear freaker nests is via molotovs, gas cans, oil drums. In Days Gone’s world you’ll find hordes scattered throughout the world and as GameInformer states 300 zombie hoard is a “baby hoard”, E3 2016 demo had 500.


Days Gone was supposed to get released this year but is now delayed to 2019. When it finally releases, it will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4. We expect more information about Days Gone to be revealed during E3 2018.