Battlefield World War 2 Leak Gives Out Factions, Mechanics, Maps, Season Pass

An alleged Battlefield World War 2 leak might have just hit the internet, giving out a variety of different factions, maps, mechanics, and other information from the upcoming Battlefield title. This comes ahead of a Battlefield trailer that was supposed to officially announce the game, which would have been revealed this month.

Battlefield 1, the previous Battlefield game, was probably the most popular Battlefield game in years due to its brand new time period (taking place in the First World War) and all of the interesting weapons that people could play, along with it being solid in the multiplayer department unlike Battlefield 4 was at launch.

The Battlefield World War 2 leak has said that we’ll be having seven different factions at launch, focusing on the major belligerents of the war: the United States, the Free French, the British Empire, the Kingdom of Italy, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Imperial Japan. Players will supposedly be able to play these seven different factions across ten different maps (at launch), and a free map will come soon after release.

Players can expect to see familiar Battlefield 1 mechanics as well including Behemoths, Elite Classes, four different standard classes, Operations, and Incursions, along with cosmetic skins apparently making their debut in the Battlefield series. Customizable tanks, planes, and jeeps will also be appewaring.

According to the YouTuber, a season pass is also in the making, but they don’t know what that will encompass just yet.

The Battlefield World War 2 leak says that the game will be announced in May, have a beta in August, and release sometime in October, which sounds reasonable enough.

However, despite how excited Battlefield fans likely will be about the news, we have no confirmation yet that the leak is actually true, so even if you are excited we’ll have to wait for the official word of DICE to see if all of this information is true. You can look at the actual video about the leak further up the article.