Xbox Live Rewards Restock Game Pass and Live Gold Annual Subscriptions

In less than a month, Xbox Live Rewards is changing to Microsoft Rewards so you better redeem you remaining points before this happens. To make it easier, Microsoft has restocked Xbox Live Rewards with annual subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.

The Xbox Live Rewards service is getting bigger and better in June since Microsoft will now let you stack up points when spending money on your Xbox, a Windows PC, or online. Furthermore, you’ll get more by completing quizzes or searching through Bing on your console. All of those points can later be redeemed for services, new games and more.

If you have stacked up enough points then you might want to check your Xbox Live Rewards tab on your console today since Microsoft has restocked the MyVip Vault with annual subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. Check out the new offers:

  • 1000 Gems – 3 Months Xbox Live Gold
  • 2000 Gems – 12 Months Xbox Live Gold
  • 5000 Gems – 12 Months GamePass

As for the program change, the company states that the new Microsoft Rewards are completely different from the retired Microsoft Points and are closer to Xbox Live Rewards.

The program might have been a tricky one to understand but overall the perks of using it in the long term are one thing to look out for. Since now you can get a full year of Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass you must hurry if you have the points to redeem.

Currently, Microsoft Rewards is available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and Singapore, but 11 more countries will be getting the service sometime soon.

Don’t forget to spend your existing Xbox Live Rewards before June, since after its change to Microsoft Rewards all of them will be nullified. There are more offers available so check them out and choose wisely.