WWE 2K19 Motion Capture To Begin Coming Weekend

Despite the fact that 2K Games have not officially confirmed the title’s existence, they are set to begin WWE 2K19 Motion Capture work on the game, this weekend.

All this comes from a Twitter post by an independent wrestler Santana Garrett, also known to impact wrestling fans as Brittany.

She posted saying that, she is all set to travel to California on Sunday in order to “film for a video game”. Now considering the fact that, the 29-year-old’s mo-cap was used in WWE 2K18 and that 2K Games motion capture studio is based in Petaluma, California.

It is pretty much safe to assume that WWE 2K19 is perhaps an iteration of the professional wrestling franchise.

Santana Garrett has previously appeared on a number of occasions on the WWE namely for developmental bran NXT. As well as part of the Mae Young Classic women’s tournament. One of her most recent appearance for the promotion was back in October.

When she participated in a Battle Royal in order to determine the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

In 2K18 Gerret was given her own independent scene entrance as a selectable performance, under the name Shining Star.

Since, the Wrestlemania season is now over, we can surely expect an official announcement of the title as we head into summer months.

Keeping in mind the previous release scheduled, we can expect WWE 2K19 to roll out in late October for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

That said, these are mere speculations so keep the option for the margin of error. Until we hear any news from 2K Games regarding this game, it would still be too early to say anything further.

With all that said, something hilariously interesting happened last month. Based on a report from TMZ, WWE and 2K Games were sued by Randy Orton’s tattoo artist.

The artist sued both the companies for using the tattoo in WWE 2K Games which is a direct copyright infringement, according to the artist.

Not sure what came of it but it sure was an interesting case.