Rumor: Prepare for Battlefield 5 Teaser This Week

We already reported that Battlefield 5 trailer is on the chopping board bein prepped for EA PLAY. However, a Battlefield 5 teaser was expected to be shared sometime before the full reveal. According to a new rumor, that teaser is coming out later this week.

The news comes from Youtuber AlmightyDaq who was correct about Battlefield 1 last year. So far, there is no reason to doubt him but still, take the following information with a grain of salt. First off, the title is getting a teaser later this week. Moreover, the game is set in World War 2 judging by the hashtag he used.

He claims to have received the news from inside sources close to the project. No other details were shared.

It is a long-standing rumor that Battlefield 5 aka Battlefield 2018 is set in World War II. it stands alongside other rumors such as a Battle Royale mode and the title actually being Bad Company 3.

A person believed to be an EA DICE developer leaked the game on Twitter, saying that the next game is going to be Bad Company 3. The Twitter account later went private and all Tweets were hidden.

EA PLAY will take place in the second week of June where EA will not only show the new Battlefield 5 trailer but also other projects will be showcased. We are expecting to see a new Dragon Age, Need for Speed, FIFA, NFL, and possibly NBA Live.

While the Basketballs series hasn’t been able to compete with NBA 2K, the publisher isn’t giving up just yet. hopefully, we will see something better this year.

For now, this is all we have; take to the comments and let us know which games would you like to see at EA PLAY.