Official PUBG Mobile PC Emulator By Tencent Is Now Available

PUBG Mobile has been here for a while and it’s a top game in more than 100 countries, the only thing mobile users are missing during the fun is the use of mouse and keyboard which can be quite useful in a battle royale game like PUBG. Well, the wait is over as Tencent has officially released a mobile PC emulator for PUBG.

Starting today you can play the mobile version of PUBG on your PC with the official emulator by Tencent. The emulator is in beta so you might encounter some bugs and limitations until the full version gets released. The emulator can be downloaded from here.

If you go to the official website it says ”Tencent’s Best-ever Emulator for PUBG mobile” with flexible and precise control with a mouse + keyboard.

Tencent has given us a way to play with mouse and keyboard but as it’s in beta people are struggling with some issues and limitations.

If you download the emulator, you will have to wait a lot because right now the matchmaking is limited to the players with the same emulator. Players are not yet allowed to match with other platforms yet but we hope Tencent looks into this issue and allows cross-platform play using the emulator.

You can check the official forum here where people are complaining about different problems they are facing using the emulator. The current version PUBG mobile emulator only supports 30 FPS, which Tencent has promised to increase in the future updates. Players are also reporting about black and white screens along with a bug which will require you to disable antivirus in order to install the game.

This is a great new feature by Tencent to bring the same mobile experience to PC with an emulator and we hope the bugs get fixed soon so people can keep enjoying the game without any problems.

PUBG released on mobile device months ago and it was better than our expectations.