Nvidia GTX 1180 12nm Based GPU Spotted, Specs, Price, Performance And Release Date

The Nvidia GTX 1180 has been spotted in a database and here we are going to look at what the graphics card has to offer, the specs, the expected price of the graphics card as well as the level of performance and the release date. According to the information, this does seem like an engineering sample so these specifications are not final.

Nvidia GTX 1180 Specs, Price And Release Date

These leaks do mean that the Nvidia GTX 1180 is getting into the final phases before it is announced and then released to the masses. According to the specifications, this will be replacing the current GTX 1080 and the graphics card is based on the 12nm process. The new process will allow the graphics card to be more efficient and will also be able to achieve higher clock speeds.


According to the entry in the database, the Nvidia GTX 1180 will feature 3584 CUDA cores, 28 SMs, 64 ROPs and 224 TMUs. The leak also confirms that the graphics card will come with the upcoming GDDR6 memory which should boost performance but because we have not had the chance to compare the performance of GDDR6 as compared to GDDR6 we are not sure that we are going to be looking at.

While GDDR6 has been confirmed the card will not come with support for PCIe4 which was also rumored. This means that AMD might not be changing their AM4 compatibility any time soon. You can read more about that here.

Nvidia GTX 1180

The memory clock speed of the Nvidia GTX 1180 engineering sample is noted to be 12 GHz effective which more than what Pascal has to offer but you need to remember that memory clocks can usually be overclocked easily. The graphics card has a core clock of 1405 MHz and can boost to 1582 MHz. If this is anything like Pascal then it is safe to assume that these are minimum numbers and users will have the ability to overclock the graphics card in order to get even better performance for your money.

This is an engineering sample and with drivers and optimizations, Nvidia should be able to get some more performance out of the graphics card. the numbers we see here are pretty impressive on their own so you should be hyped if you do not have a Pascal graphics card and have been waiting on Nvidia Volta for your next graphics card upgrade.

Release And Pricing

The closes event that could be host to the launch of Nvidia Volta gaming graphics cards is Computex. You can expect to hear about an announcement around the same time. But this is more of a rumor as compared to a confirmation from Nvidia so you will need to take this with a grain of salt. It is possible that Nvidia Volta related announcement takes place at Computex 2018 but it does not concern gaming graphics cards.

Talking about pricing keeping in mind the expected increase in prices due to DRAM issues you can expect an increase in price up to $100. If that is indeed the case then you can expect the upcoming Nvidia GTX 1180 to cost at least $699 and you will be paying more for the Founder’s Edition.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia GTX 1180 and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting your next GPU upgrade.