Monster Hunter World Should Get Brumak According To Gears of War Head

When it comes to crossovers, Monster Hunter World has done a few notable ones. After Devil May Cry, Horizon Zero Dawn and more got their own content in the famous monster slaying game, Gear of War would like to join the hype.

Would you like to see Brumak from Gears of War as a monster in Monster Hunter World? Apparently, the Gears of War developer studio head, Rod Fergusson thinks he would be “pretty cool” to be added in the game and he even asked for such an addition on Twitter. He stated:

So who at @monsterhunter do we need to talk to about getting a Brumak in the game? 🙂 With or without guns – although an armed monster would be pretty cool! 

Undeniably, Brumak was a fun one to hunt down in Gears of War. Getting to fight him again – even without his massive weapons – would be a thrill. We haven’t seen a monster even close to Brumak up until now in Monster Hunter World and Capcom hasn’t been negative with crossovers so there might be a chance of that happening.

For now, Monster Hunter World has crossovers for Devil May Cry with a Dante themed weapon, Horizon Zero Dawn with Aloy’s bow and full armor set and Street Fighter 5 with full Ryu and Sakura armor sets. Furthermore, Mega Man has also got its own Monster Hunter World content with his own armor.

In related news, Monster Hunter World has just received a new update, adding new armor, map and more. The Gears of War franchise, on the other hand, is getting its fifth title, as a job listing reveals.

Would you want to see Gears of War’s Brumak showing up as a monster in Monster Hunter World? What other crossovers would you want to see implemented in the game?