New Hi-Rez Studios Esport Production Company, Skillshot Media

This week, Hi-Rez Studios have announced its own dedicated esports production company, Skillshot Media. This Esports Production Company will be managing production and events around two games, Smite and Paladins.

Smite as you may already know is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game, while Paladins is a hero shooter video game.

Hi-Rez Studios’ co-founder and COO Todd Harris will be taking charge of the new company while Nabil Ismail shall be acting as a vice president of operations.

Even though Harris will remain the COO for Hi-Riz Studios, his role as the president will be his high priority.

Now coming back to the games, Hassis passed a statement on these two games. He said that Smite and Paladins have had quite a success. Accumulating over one billion video views, all the while registering player community of over 45 million.

Furthermore, he added a few lines on the history of the company’s progression that; “We started live-streaming games from a bedroom, then a tiny office, and now a dedicated production studio. But our goal has always been to foster community through esports and video content.”

This new Hi-Rez Studios Esport Production Company, Skillshot Media has a staff of 35 people and physically the office expands over 16,000 square foot. Having said that, Skillshot Media will open its doors on May 9.

Alex Grimonpont, the director of player engagement at Hi-Rez Studios’ said that, the company has faith in these both games and that they will benefit from dedicated resources and leadership. The growth of these leagues was the primary reason for the creation of this new entity.

In the initial months of this year, Hi-Rez Studios was in a tough spot. Being accused of withholding payments from several esports organizations really complicated things for Hi-Rez Studios.

As you can estimate it is a serious charge, although now with a new production company and all, it will perhaps prove better for the company overall.

Although in time we will have to see what type of achievements Skillshot Media will bring in.