ASRock Phantom RX500 Gaming Series Graphics Cards Not Banned By AMD

Previous we heard that ASRock Phantom RX500 Gaming Series Graphics Cards were being banned by AMD from being sold in Europe but new reports now confirm that is not the case and ASRock will be expanding to other regions slowly. This misconception occurred when Tom’s Hardware journalist Igor Wallossek wrote: “AMD has not agreed to sell [ASRock GPUs] in EU, that is really a pity.”

Keeping in mind that Nvidia GPP had AMD pushed into a corner and AMD would not want to block a partner. Surely AMD needs all the help that it can get against the competition. ASRock has confirmed that the company will not get selling gaming GPUs commercially in EU, that means that they will not be available at retailers or online stores.

According to the official press release:

Initially, ASRock will roll out graphics card business in various regions based on internal planning. Regions with first priorities are APEC and Latin America. Then ASRock will gradually launch the business in other regions. Thanks for all media friends recently putting attention on our Phantom Gaming graphic card business and giving them massive coverages.

ASRock Phantom RX500

ASRock Phantom RX500 series might be for gamers but ASRock got into the game for mining and it is possible that ASRock does not want their graphics cards to be sold on the grey market as it will leave a bad impression on the brand name. Keeping in mind that the company is new to the market segment they have to keep everything in mind.

This could be one of the reasons why GPUs are not being sold in EU right now. But keeping in mind the official statement, it is possible that the ASRock Phantom RX500 series will be sold in EU once the prices come back to normal.

Let us know what you think about ASRock Phantom RX500 series and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these graphics cards.