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A Way Out is an action-adventure coop only game developed by Hazelight and published by Electronic Arts. A Way Out is set to provide the best coop experience in a game after such a long time and what could be a better way to grab it today at the lowest price possible.

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A Way Out is an exclusive coop adventure game in which you are entirely dependent on each move you make together with your partner. The story will let you take on the role of two separate prisoners, Leo and Vincent who don’t know each other. Both have each of their own stories, during the story players have to build a strong relationship of trust as both try to break out of the prison.

The game has coop only experience, you can play with a friend online or locally. Both players have to work together no matter what the situation is. The story is quite interesting and emotional. You’ll get into several car chases, stealth missions, bare-knuckle fights, shootouts and more. The game is said to provide you a coop experience like no other.

If you decide to buy the game we have a guide for you to complete the game with each chapter in detail to help you escape the prison in case you get stuck somewhere during the story.

The other interesting feature of the game is multiple endings, Leo and Vincent both have their own endings which you can take a detailed look at our guide for both endings and how to unlock them.