Sylvester Stallone Could Return for Rambo 5

The wheels have begun turning for Rambo 5 and Sylvester Stallone (John Rambo) could possibly be returning for the titular character.

According to a new report from Deadline earlier this weekend, the actor is currently in talks to reprise his role as the former veteran soldier from the special forces. Stallone is said to have initially considered helming the fifth installment himself but has since then moved to the position of co-screenwriter.

The setting will find the protagonist living his days peacefully on a ranch until he is asked to find the kidnapped daughter of a close friend in Mexico, deep inside the compounds of a violent drug cartel.

The short synopsis is fairly different from the one focusing ISIS that was heavily rumored a few years back. There was also word at the time that the next installment would be called Rambo: Last Blood. This was even teased by Stallone by referencing a gangster drama based on the infamous hitman Greg Scarpa. In that light, could Rambo 5 have the same title?

There have been four installments to date in the franchise. First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988), and Rambo (2008). Stallone has been featured in all of them, helping to co-write the movies as well.

During his early days, the actor was heavily recognized for his portrayal of the green beret. In fact, the first installments helped give prominence to his acting career. The Rambo franchise is a major pop culture element and fans would be happy to know that another installment is being talked about.