Quantum Break 2 Rumored To Be In Production at Remedy

We already know this for some time now that, Remedy Entertainment is working on a new IP tentatively referred to as P7. However recently there has been a new rumor, which seems to suggest that Remedy Entertainment just might also be working on Quantum Break 2.

Recently, a Tweet was posted by a person who goes by the name, H.R Nikoofar and he has claimed that, Quantum Break 2 has entered pre-production over at Remedy.

He further adds that this is something that he “knows for a fact”. Following that, he also later Tweeted that this Quantum Break 2 sequel in pre-production is not the P7 but rather a different one.

So apparently it would mean that, Remedy is working on two different projects. That said, since this is a pure rumor, we would suggest you, hold your horses of excitement.

Until we hear something from Remedy Entertainment, it would be too early to have any expectations.

What’s interesting is that H.R Nikoofar’s description defines him as a music composer, film director, game designer, sound designer, and Co-Founder of a website “gameology“. Which is pretty shaky in reference to the claim.

As you can see there is too little to suggest that this news could be credible enough. Although it is definitely interesting and must have probably raised many eyebrows.

Provided how popular Quantum Break is, it would not be a total impossibility to see Remedy working on a sequel to the game.

If you would remember, back in 2016, Quantum Break did not have what you call positive remarks from the critics but its impressive sales made it the best new IP launch of Xbox One, at that time.

So perhaps, there just might be a possibility of developers working on the game. Still, only time will tell.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on the Quantum Break game? Would you want to see Quantum Break 2? Let us know in the comments below.