Microsoft Looking For A New Creative Director, Focus Set On Xbox Avatars

According to a new job listing by Microsoft, the company is looking for a new Creative Director for their new studio. The new director will be responsible for delivering Microsoft Xbox Avatars across all of their platforms, from Xbox through to the Modern Workplace.

We already know that the new Xbox Avatars are on the horizon and it appears to be that Microsoft does not want to miss out on this opportunity and furthermore the company wants to expand its scope.

We came to know about this job listing from Indeed, where it has been posted. A lot of other minor details are also present along with the listing.

Aside from listing responsibilities and qualifications, the post specifically asked for a Creative Director who will be able to deliver Microsoft Avatars across all their platforms.

Furthermore, they also added, if any of the intrusted people have the potential to lead a team to produce stunning, high quality, real-time interactive 3D embodiments, then the company would be definitely interested.

What is of the most interest, it that, Microsoft also mentioned that they are just getting started with their Avatars and that they are searching for a Creative Director to join the team as they focus on Mixed Reality.

With all that said, it is really nice to see Microsoft’s commitment to Xbox Avatars. Hopefully, the company is also committed to improving other experiences and not only this.

Be that as it may, very recently Microsoft made a claim that they have seen a strong growth on Xbox Live, still the company hesitates on the idea of reporting Xbox One sales. Which is pretty odd.

All these news may be interesting but what’s most interesting is the approaching E3. According to Microsoft’s CMO for gaming, Mike Nichols, the company is all ready and has a really good momentum built up for E3.

So with only a few days left, it is reassuring to hear that the company is all prepped up of E3.