YouTuber Recreates Island From Lost TV Series In Far Cry 5

This news will make two kinds of fans excited, if you are a Far Cry 5 fan well then you will enjoy the new recreated island, but if you are a fan of the Lost TV Series, then this one will be a nostalgic experience for you. As recently a Youtuber has recreated the Island From Lost in Far Cry 5.

So you can guess, that the experience would be amazing. Since Far Cry 5 is the first game in the series, to include a map editor. Some of the players have been giving it a go and recently a Youtuber who goes by, the name “Un-Break-Able” uploaded a video showcasing the Island From Lost.

Although the map size prevented the user from creating the island to full scale, still he was able to do a fine job. In fact, the detailing of the map is pretty exquisite.

According to him, “everything from as small as Sun’s garden to all 9 Dharma Initiative Stations, have been included.”

Lost TV series has been one of the most loved tv shows, it has been notorious for distorting reality. The show ran for six seasons comprising over 121 episodes.

The best part of the season has been its style to blend supernatural and sci-fi elements. That being said, Ubisoft also released a Lost video game in 2006 titled; Lost: Via Domus.

That being said, Far Cry 5 needs no introduction, the game has been a massive success since its release. Selling over 2.5 million copies, it has surprised everyone’s expectations.

Since the visuals of the game are stunningly beautiful, being able to revisit the Island From Lost in the Far Cry 5 graphics is a sight not to be missed.

We have made available the video below. Do check it out, it is pretty extensive, so will give you a perfect idea of how the Island From Lost looks like in the game.

This map is available on Far Cry 5’s PS4 version.