Strong Museum Adds Four New Video Game Hall Of Fame Entries

The Strong Museum, a museum in New York City that has a number of different sections dedicated to play, has added in four new Video Game Hall of Fame entries from a variety of different genres. The games are Final Fantasy 7, John Madden Football, Spacewar, and the original Tomb Raider.

These four games have either given rise to juggernaut franchises or become particularly well-known as classics, so each one being put in the Hall of Fame has earned their position. Final Fantasy 7 is seen as one of the best Final Fantasy games, with a wide cast of characters and one of the most memorable antagonists in video games.

John Madden’s Football has evolved into a titan of a yearly franchise release, as each Madden game only gets better and better both in terms of looks and evolving gameplay.

While Tomb Raider hasn’t had as many games as Madden NFL or Final Fantasy, Lara Croft has still become one of the best-known female video game protagonists, and indeed served as one of the only ones until Horizon Zero Dawn brought us Aloy. Since the reboot of her series back in 2013, Lara has continued to prove that you don’t have to be a man to be badass in a video game.

But possibly the best among these new Video Game Hall of Fame entries is Spacewar, which many people might consider the first video game ever made, aside from Pong. Originally created at MIT, and never commercially sold, Spacewar was a proof of concept, showing that computers could be used to create a whole new type of game.

The new games in the Video Game Hall of Fame are recognized based on certain criteria: iconic status, geographical reach, longevity, impact on design and development, pop culture, and society. To see other games that were added, just look on the Strong Museum’s website.