New Overwatch Rialto Map Now Available To Wider Player Base

The new Overwatch Rialto map is now out of the public test realm and into the wider game, allowing players to play Payload matches through the streets of Venice. The map was previously used in the Overwatch Archives “Retribution” event, but this time it’s PVP rather than PVE gameplay.

Previously the home of Antonio Bartalotti, a Talon agent that was killed by Blackwatch in the “Venice Incident”, Venice was the site of the beginning of the end for Overwatch, as a highly publicized assassination and a running gunfight through the streets of the city brought what was supposed to be a secret group of agents into the public eye.

Since that day the Italian government has gone to great lengths to preserve Venice, and it shows in the entire map. Omnic gondoliers paddle their boats down the canals, and players will be blasting their way past elegant buildings as they attempt to get the payload to wherever it needs to be.

While this time the area won’t be swarming with Talon agents like it was in the Retribution event, players will still have to look out for the players on the other team, who are sure to use the city’s various alleyways and courtyards to their advantage to try and stop the payload from getting to its destination.

While we likely won’t see any other maps in Venice unless Blizzard actually makes one that can support other gametypes, even one new map like the Overwatch Rialto map is still a welcome new piece of content for each player to learn the ins and outs of.

Either way, with the new Overwatch Rialto map out now, you can play the map on all of Overwatch’s various platforms, including the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. To see what the Rialto map looks like for yourself, you can see the video at the top of this article.