Battlerite Battle Royale Mode Is Coming This Summer, 20 Players Only

A Battlerite battle royale mode is apparently coming this summer, as developer Stunlock Studios announced on the game’s Twitter page yesterday morning. While it’s not a normal battle royale (being only 20 players instead of 100), hopefully Stunlock will be able to put their own spin on it when it releases.

The Battlerite Royale mode, as it’s called, mainly focuses around 20 players in 10 minute matches, all focusing on a map that’s 30 times the size of a normal arena map. Players can either go it alone or play in the game mode as a pair, and with all of the different heroes available in Battlerite you can go into a game and not have to worry about having the same hero as another person.

Much like in games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, players will have the chance to run around and get gear and loot before they start. Considering the matches only last around 10 minutes each, players will have to move fast in order to both get some kills and avoid the ever-encroaching blue circle that forces players closer and closer together.

With such a short time limit, the potential for mayhem in the Battlerite battle royale mode is also very high, especially considering that ten minutes doesn’t leave much time to hunt down 20 people and be the last one standing, especially when MOBA games often get chaotic when multiple players from enemy teams meet up.

With over 4 million people having played Battlerite since it first came onto Steam Early Access, hopefully the Battlerite battle royale mode will end up being successful and bring even more people to the game, hopefully even other players from other MOBA games like DOTA and League of Legends, if they want a change of pace and a faster game.

Either way, the Battlerite battle royale mode will be coming out this summer.