Get This Samsung Gear VR Deal And Gaming Controller Combo For 53% Off While The Offer Lasts

Virtual Reality has been getting a lot of attention from consumers and what started with video games has made its way to other media like smartphones as Samsung introduced its own VR headset, Samsung Gear VR, and if you are looking to get one those then you are in luck as it is available at a discount.

Dailysteals is offering the Samsung Gear VR along with gaming controller for 53% off. The usual price for this Samsung Gear VR and Gaming controller combo is priced at $129.99 but currently is available for 53% off which makes it available for $ 59.99. Here is what you will get with this Samsung Gear VR and Gaming controller combo.

  • Gear VR
  • Top Strap
  • One [1] Main Strap
  • Micro USB Device Holder
  • Controller
  • Wrist Strap
  • Controller Holder

As for the features, this particular Samsung Gear VR model supports Galaxy Note8, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S8, and S8+, 360° viewing apps and more.

Speaking of the VR, Oculus Rift is another VR headset in the market which focuses on gaming and according to a report, 92.2% of Oculus Rift games are powered by Nvidia GPUs with AMD GPUs just powering only 7.8% of the Oculus Rift Games.

According to the report, the most popular GPU being used by Oculus Rift users is GTX 1070 with 19.4% using it and GTX 1080 is just behind with 17.3% and the older GTX 970 with 10.5%.

As for AMD GPUs, only 2% of Oculus Rift owners are running their VR Games using the RX 480, while 1.4% use the RX 580.

Furthermore, according to Steam hardware survey, Oculus Rift has become the most used VR headset by Steam users.

The survey suggests that 47.31% of Steam users are using the Oculus Rift while 45.38% of Steam users prefer HTC Vive. Also, This is the first time Oculus has surpassed Vive in terms of users since launch.

It goes without saying that it is an incredible deal so you need to avail this discount while its lasts.