PUBG Steam Item Trading Disabled Due To Abuse Of The System

PUBG Steam Item Trading has been disabled by the PUBG Corp. According to the devs, they have removed access to personal trading on all PUBG items on Steam. Apparently, some users have been abusing this system in order to sell items to third-party sites.

Well, this here is another problem, PUBG Corp has to deal with, with the increase in the hacking and all and now this, it only seems as if problems for this battle royale game are only increasing.

This is certainly not the first time, we are experiencing this, we saw something similar with the Counter-Strike GO. When some users abused Valve’s loopholes in order to sell stuff to third-party sites.

According to the post on PUBG Corp’s Steam page, they are going to temporarily turn off access to personal trades for all game items.

Furthermore, they also explained the reason for it in a brief manner; normally players are able to trade items using either the “Market trade” or “Personal trade” features.

The market trade allows the players to sell items through the Steam market system and personal trade to supposedly allow friends to trade items without any involvements of cost.

Apparently, that has not been the case lately and until the team is able to take control of this situation the PUBG Steam Item Trading has been temporarily disabled.

With that being said, just yesterday PUBG maintenance took place and upon conclusion, it brought in all those changes, fixes and new features which it promised in the Update 12.

If you have been waiting for the new stuff then you may already know that there is a new map selection option available alongside a new muscle car, a big weapon rebalancing, new rifle, multiple extra scopes, grips and a lot more stuff.

If you haven’t updated your game then it would be a perfect time. That said, what are your thoughts on PUBG Steam Item Trading being disabled? Do you consider it a form of gambling? Let us know in the comments below.