Next NVIDIA GeForce GPU Generation Expected By The End Of 2018 According To Gigabyte

Big news for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs has been confirmed by Gigabyte. According to the company, the next generation of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards will hit the market late this year, designed for high-end notebooks.

The news comes from OverclockersUK forums, where a user asked for updates about Aero 15X model, which makes use of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB mobility graphics and a 6 Core Intel processor. What he got instead of updates is a revelation from the Gigabyte UK Notebook representative saying that it won’t come out before the new generation of NVIDIA GeForce graphics is available, which is “towards the end of the year”.

Hi @Scorpuk – the range coming in now will be stable and not having any additional refreshes until the next gen of GPU’s is announced. Currently scheduled more towards the end of the year.


Gigabyte UK NB Team via OCUK

As it seems, the next series of NVIDIA GPU for notebooks is indeed coming this year. Gigabyte is one of the biggest companies to distribute those graphics cards so, for all we know, the news is legit.

There are still no reveals as to when the new generation of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs will hit the market but we expect the desktop and notebook versions of them to not get released at the same time. Usually, the mobility variants of GeForce graphics get released after the desktop ones so we might be able to see the next generation sometime during or after the summer.

In related news,  a report has surfaced online suggesting that GPU demand for mining has dropped and Nvidia has “increased its GPU quotes” which is to cover the gap that might occur as GPU demand starts to go down. Furthermore, NVIDIA has predicted that GPU prices will continue to increase in 2018.

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