Microsoft Won’t Release Xbox One Sales But Claims There’s Been Growth

Microsoft continues being negative to the idea of reporting Xbox One sales to the public. Despite that fact, the company claims that they’ve seen a “strong growth”  on Xbox Live and there’s more to the platform coming in the future.

In an answer to The Verge, Microsoft reiterates that they will continue with their policy of non-disclosure on Xbox One sales data, at least until the end of the generation. Over the past years,  has limited itself to publishing only the data relating to Xbox Live users, which is Microsoft’s strongest feature. According to the data, there was actually a growth in that department last year. Microsoft’s spokesperson states:

“We will continue to look at engagement as a key indicator of our success and will no longer report total console sales”

“We continue to see a strong growth in the time we spend on Xbox Live and we can not wait to bring other unprecedented experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 and mobile.”

We expect to see more titles and features for Xbox One getting revealed at this year’s E3. In a recent blog post by Microsoft’s CMO for gaming, Mike Nichols, noted that Microsoft is all ready and has a really good flow going on for E3 2018. The post was published on Xbox Wire, in which Mike said,”the Xbox brand has a fair amount of momentum built up” for the approaching E3.

Setting aside Microsoft’s intentions of prolonging Xbox One’s life and ensure its success, their exclusive titles lineup isn’t as impressive as the one we find on PlayStation 4. With God of War sweeping out the competition in the console war, Microsoft has to make big steps in order to maintain its sales rates against PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

In related news, the Xbox Game Pass gets new games this month. Undeniably, May is strong for Microsoft with titles like State of Decay 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 joining the service’s ranks.