Intel And AMD Chipset Roadmap Reveals Z390 And Z490 Release Date

A major German-based IT distributor known as BlueChip has recently revealed the latest Intel And AMD Chipset Roadmap, which actually shows that the new Z390 and Z490 boards will be coming this June.

According to a webinar provided by Bluechip, destined for its business partners, the Intel And AMD Chipset Roadmap shows what the rest of the years looks for both companies, with some more plans being revealed along the way.

As you can see from the Intel And AMD Chip Set Update below, AMD Raven Ridge APUs in February, the second wave of Coffee Lake CPUs in April, and the second generation Ryzen CPUs also in April. What’s most important though is the AMD Z490 board though, coming this June.

The Z490 Chipset is not much different from the AMD’s flagship X470 chipset except for the PCIe lanes as the Z490 has 4 additional PCIe 3.0 lanes which is something that would benefit those who like to use multiple GPUs.

Furthermore, the Intel Z390 chipset is set to release later this year with no set release date yet. However, there’s a release window of Q3 2018 so we’ll able to grab it somewhen in summer.

Intel recently revealed the latest release notes for its Rapid Storage Technology driver, which also mentions the Z390 chipset along with the X399 Express chipset. Not only that, the documentation also revealed the CPU micro-architectures that are supported by these chipsets.

Another interesting fact of the Bluechip presentation is the listing of an 8-core Coffee Lake processor being launched in Q4, while also stating that engineering samples are going to be in the hands of OEMs in June.

We don’t expect more hardware releases from both companies to be showcased during the upcoming Computex, however, the information provided by the Intel And AMD Chipset Roadmap is evidence enough that both Intel and AMD are planning some huge releases later this year.