Get Destiny 2 For PC With $12 On Humble Bundle

A huge offer is now available through Humble Bundle when you subscribe to the site’s monthly subscription service. May Humble Monthly is now available offering the PC version of Destiny 2 for $12 with more Steam Keys getting added to your library at the end of the month.

Humble Monthly is a monthly subscription service available on Humble Bundle that instantly gives you an AAA title and a few more the day the offer ends. As with any subscription service, you can cancel it whenever you want. Other than the handful of games you get each month, you get a flat 10% off of every purchase on the site’s store so that’s another reason for PC gamers to try it out.

Destiny 2 is a fairly new release so it’s a huge surprise that it’s available through the service for such a low price. This isn’t the first time though that a title of its caliber gets featured in Humble Monthly as we’ve seen Dark Souls 3, Mafia 3 and more. Apart from the Steam Keys, the subscription offers access to Humble Trove which is a hub for indie games including games like Trine, Limbo and Getting Over It.

This is the perfect time for Bungie to be bringing such an offer through Humble Bundle since the next expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind, is releasing in 4 days on May 8th. The expansion brings a whole new area to the game set in Mars, a new end-game mode, new gear and more.

The May Humble Monthly featuring Destiny 2 doesn’t include any DLC but only the base game. However, with the game offered at such a low price you can grab the season pass anytime.

Destiny 2 is also on sale for PlayStation 4 for  $9.99 on BestBuy. Either you are a PC or a console gamer, this is a good month for you to grab the game and start your Guardian journey.