Fortnite Season 4 Hidden Nuke Base And Other New Locations

After all the mysteries and rumors finally, the season 3 ended with the comet crashing down on the map. Surprisingly it wasn’t Tilted Towers instead it was Dusty Depot which has been completely disappeared and now replaced by Dusty Divot marking the beginning of Season 4 in Fortnite.

This wasn’t all as there are some other changes being spotted by the players. By the snobby shores, west side of the map you now will find a hidden bunker. This hidden bunker can be found on the mountain to the northernmost house in snobby shores.

You’ll find a small cabin with a swimming pool inside for some reason, weapons, and a chest. Above all, you’ll see a giant warhead in the middle of the room. There’s also some purple banners around the room with some kind of emblem on it. As you reach the peak of this lair you’ll also see the tip of the nuke and we assume this nuke definitely will be fired at some point.

The first thing we can assume by looking at the nuke and emblems is about an uninvited villain along with the superheroes in season 4. This hints at maybe there’s a team who plans to wipe out the map.

Other new locations include The Superhero Mansion, gone up by Lonely lodge which at first just looks like a rich person’s house. But if you explore it you will find a hidden base inside.

There’s an Underground Bunker which players have discovered underneath the blue house in Salty Springs and it looks like it’s used by maybe one of those super villains to do their work.

Risky Reels is a new drive in themed theater movie complex along with a totally new makeover for Misty Mire which now is now Moisty Mire Movie set.

Yonder Yard has also received a makeover and now it includes a dance club, DJ booth , dance floor and a VIP area.

There are more locations to explore as people are discovering something new each day. Fortnite is extremely popular and it recently earned $223 Million alone in the month of March which is incredible.