Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Update is Bringing Increased Vault Space

Destiny 2 Warmind Update is just around the corner and while fans are waiting for the update, we have a good news for the players. The Vault Space is increasing for the first time in the game.

Vault Space has been one of the constant struggles in Destiny 2, all the way back from 2014. Although Bungie has tried to keep up, but the demand for more vault space has always exceeded the supply.

As soon as the Warmind DLC is available, the vault will jump from holding 200 items to 300 items.

That said, 100 extra items is a pretty good start for Destiny 2, still, one thing is for sure, players will likely fill up, the space fast.

Warmind will very soon be adding several new sets of armor and weapons as well. The increase of vault space may be from 200 to 300 but that is presumably only for weapons and armor.

Keeping all that into context, having not enough space to support all of the new items available has always been a problem in the game.

Even with this Destiny 2 Warmind Update increasing the Vault Space, there still is a limitation. Hopefully, Bungie might offer more reliable and longterm solution in the September expansion.

Talking about the expansion, the Destiny 2 fall expansion is set to be unveiled by Bungie at E3 2018. Bungie also announced in a recent Blizzard Activision Q/A that a new mode will be coming which the players have never seen before in FPS genre.

With all that said, Activision Blizzard’s Q2 financial call for 2018 was recently held and in the reveal, one thing caught a lot of attention.

Turns out, when the time came for listing out the accomplishments for Q2, Destiny 2 was not included. So apparently they left out their major franchise from its accomplishment list.

Which means that the game must not have been doing good in the last quarter. Having said that, perhaps this new Destiny 2 Warmind Update and the fall expansion might turn up the table.Only time will tell.