Destiny 2 Fall Expansion Will Include A New Mode And It’s Incredibly Engaging

Destiny 2’s brand new fall expansion is set to be unveiled by Bungie at E3 2018 and during a recent Blizzard Activision Q/A they announced that a new mode will be coming which players have never seen before in FPS genre and it’s engaging.

As we know now, Bungie will be releasing a major expansion in September simultaneously with the start of Destiny 2 season 4. Acitivosn recently confirmed during a financial conference call where Chief Operating Officer Coddy Johnson revealed some plans for the future of the game.

Johnson teased that the fall expansion will include a new mode which is ”incredibly engaging and introduces a ”whole new style of play”, and this new style is also new to the first-person genre in general, not only Destiny 2. He calls it a really exciting development and Activision thinks that it will really speak to the community when it launches this fall.

Furthermore, Johnson said that Bungie is going to make players more powerful, give more rewards, and make the endgame more meaningful. Bungie recently invited players from the community to try the upcoming expansion Warmind and the expansion coming in fall, on which they received a positive response.

There’s nothing more we know about the mode right now and we will have to wait till E3 2018 where we will hopefully see a full match or a trailer of the expansion.

Other than that Warmind expansion is set to launch on 8th of May alongside with new weapons and an upgrade system which will let you improve exotic weapons and every exotic weapon will be getting its own masterwork version, a ”catalyst”.

Bungie also recently hired a Youtuber as a gameplay specialist who aims to improve the game after the criticism it has faced since the launch.

With all these changes, Is Destiny 2 heading towards the right direction? Let us know in the comments below.