Beyond Good And Evil 2 Pre-Alpha Footage Shows Off Combat, Ship Footage

We’ve finally gotten a bit of Beyond Good And Evil 2 Pre-Alpha footage, and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a really good game. While it’s only a bit of pre-alpha combat, jetpack flight, and a few ship segments, it still looks like it will lead to good things.

The Ubisoft footage that we see mainly consists of staff combat between the pair of characters that appear to be the protagonists, the girl and monkey hybrid that appeared in the game’s debut trailer at E3 last year.

While we don’t really see actual combat footage (we see the start of combat and a few uninterrupted attacks) or any real ship footage, the game’s assets still look good and it looks like the game’s off to a promising start.

We also learn in the video about player-made Armadas, which allow players in the community to be able to travel the stars together with multiple ships, in order to share your adventures with your friends as you search for the game’s “gate to true freedom.”

The Beyond Good And Evil 2 Pre-Alpha footage also showed us a few of the locations that we might be visiting, such as a huge statue of the Indian god Ganesh and a temple on the same planet. However, since it’s pre-alpha footage, there’s no real context or actual dedicated footage so it’s most likely just test stuff for now to ensure that everything works properly.

While we likely won’t see anything better than that for E3, considering that it’s next month, hopefully as development on the game progresses we’ll be seeing it look better and better until it’s finally something that can actually be shown as gameplay.

But either way, if you want to take a look at the Beyond Good And Evil 2 Pre-Alpha footage for yourself, you can find it further up the article.