Spawn Reboot Offers Titular Role to Jamie Foxx – Report

It has been a few months since the much-anticipated Spawn reboot was confirmed to have begun the casting process. There is a natural need to know about who exactly will be wearing the cursed symbiotic suit of living armor. Today, there is finally word dropping through the grapevine regarding just that.

According to a new report from Revenge of the Fans earlier today, director (and creator of the popular comic book character) Todd McFarlane has offered Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained) the opportunity to become the hellspawn.

For the time being, the industry-decorated actor is said to have not accepted the titular role. However, if he does, it will only move things forward and quickly lead into production — hopefully, sometime this year.

This is not the first time that Foxx has been named for the upcoming comic book adaptation. McFarlane previously mentioned him as well as Leonardo DiCaprio in a casting wishlist.

Based on information currently available, the Spawn reboot will be a very different take on the franchise than its predecessor. The project will be much darker and gritty, just the way the source materials would have hoped for. In addition, Spawn will not have a speaking role. The main character will instead be Twitch, a private investigator.

In the comic books, the assassin Al Simmons was betrayed and brutally murdered by his employers for his silence. His soul ended up in hell, for obvious reasons, where he made a pact with the devil to return to the world of living. He was granted this request and returned as Spawn to protect his family, take revenge on his killers, and amass souls for the devil. However, the anti-hero took a different path and decided not to help raise an army for hell, making him a target for the supernatural.

There is no release date attached to the Spawn reboot but previous speculation has pegged it for early 2019. Fans will be glad to know that McFarlane is still pushing for the same release window.