Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Cosplay Guide Now Available

If you are a cosplayer or you always wanted to find one that would suit you then you might be in luck as Square Enix has provided a detailed Shadow Of The Tomb Raider cosplay reference guide to help anyone who wants to be Lara Croft as a cosplay.

The guide provides a closer look at Lara Croft and her characters including minor details like from scars she has obtained in the first reboot, the material of her clothes, and every gear or equipment she is carrying including carabiners, ropes, knife, and bow everything shown closely with different angles.

To push that further, Square Enix has also provided a downloadable pattern so you can sew and make your own Lara Croft Top. This pattern can be sized for women S-XL which you can take a detailed look at here. There’s no pattern for the male yet but it will be available soon.

Square Enix recently released an exciting trailer for the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider but it didn’t include any gameplay just CG graphics. The trailer shows Lara on a new journey exploring different places from jungle to mountains killing soldiers and a wicked character which looks like one of the main protagonists of the game.

In the trailer, Lara is seen more of a calculated killer than a Tomb Raider to which lead write of the game replied by saying “In Many Cases, We May Even See Lara is the Enemy,”. The story looks quite different and promising.

Other than that probably the game will take 13-15 hours for you to complete it which has been allegedly leaked from a user who claims to have information from a Spanish magazine.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is now available for pre-order. We have a complete guide here for you with editions, where to buy and everything you need to know about them.