Metropolis TV Series Delayed by DC Entertainment for “Redevelopment” – Report

There has been a change of plan concerning Metropolis.

According to a new report from Deadline earlier today, the live-action television series was supposed to begin production this summer but has now been halted by DC Entertainment until further notice.

Metropolis, previously set to feature thirteen episodes in the debut season, is said to be undergoing “redevelopment” in an unknown capacity. There is no word on whether the script needs amendment or if there is some other underlying cause for the delay.

Metropolis is one of several television series in the works for the new digital streaming service called DC Universe. The drama series, set before Superman became the mighty protector of the fictional city, was supposed to release sometime next year. However, the newfound hiatus may scrub that release window from the slate and push the project into 2020.

Earlier today, DC Entertainment announced a live-action television series based on Swamp Thing with a targeted release date of next year as well. It appears that Swamp Thing has replaced Metropolis as the second live-action television series premiering for DC Universe; following Titans, a live-action adaptation of the teenage superheroes, later this year.

Unless there is some massive overhauling, Metropolis will center on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor as they investigate the world of fringe science and expose the dark and bizarre secrets of the city.

The other shows being planned out for DC Universe are Young Justice: Outsiders, an animated adaptation that focuses on a large roster of young superheroes; and Harley Quinn, an animated adaptation that centers around the psychotic anti-hero. The exclusive streaming platform is expected to go live this year.