Loot Boxes Will Drive Digital Games Market Worth To $160 Billion By 2022, Report Suggests

A new report has made its way on the internet which seems to forecast that the total Digital Games Market will reach about $160 billion by 2022. All that while the Loot Boxes become more and more controversial.

This report is courtesy of Juniper Research and appears to have stirred a lot of attention, especially for those involved with the Loot Boxes.

First of all, this year the total Digital Games Market stands at $117 Billion and is projected to reach $160 Billion in about 4 years time.

According to the research, the prevalence of Loot Boxes will further boost the digital games market. As you may already know that the process of monetizing users in-game is already a part of a huge emerging controversy.

The fact that Belgium recently banned several games as these games fell right in the section of gambling, based on their state law, only seems to have intensified the issue.

Loot Boxes may be controversial, but apparently based on this report, they currently are and will be the driving force behind the future of Digital Games Market.

The research is titled under the reference, “Future Games Market: Market Sizing & Forecasts 2018-2022.”

With that being said, there have been multiple researches conducted in the past, which seem to focus on the working of Loot Boxes. A similar research was a conducted by the University of Hamburg, which aimed to find out how these boxes actually work.

According to their findings, there are several elements of gambling present in the current Loot Boxes’ monetization structure.

While the whole world wrestles with the controversy, one thing seems pretty obvious, if this report is even half true, then there will certainly be an increase of in-game monetization.

Only time will tell, we will have to see what comes of this controversy. That said, what are your thoughts on these Loot Boxes? Do you consider them as gambling? And what future do you see for them?