Sony Has Produced More And Better Exclusives For PS4 Than Xbox One

During the first year of the launch of both PS4 and Xbox One, if you would ask me which was the better console, I would probably tell you to wait. Come back later for the answer because I would not be sure. However, it is safe to say, in the years that have followed; my answer could not be clearer and quicker to come out: PS4 beyond a shadow of a doubt. And good thing being, I’d only have to utter a single word to justify my opinion: exclusives.

In the 5-ish years since the console’s launch, Sony has done an incredible job at giving the players exactly what they want: games. Of course, this pretty much ends the entire debate of PS4 vs Xbox One.

With no visible differences in performance and technicalities of the two systems, exclusives remain the only variable. Both charge subscription fees for playing online, both offer free games to the subscribers each month. But only one has a marvel like God of War to behold.

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PS4’s GOW: View the world through Kratos’ Eyes in the Journey of a Lifetime.

With a continuous supply of terrific AAA PS4 exclusives and no end in sight of this whole process, it’s needless to say Microsoft should take inspiration from the guys at Sony. It is to be noted though, Sony was slow to start with the process with ‘Good, but not Great’ titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall (lukewarm reactions among critics and audience alike), Driveclub (become a quite good racer over the years), and Infamous: Second Son. Since then, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Yakuza have turned the tide around.

Each of these games has set the bar quite high on a technical and narrative level, a remarkable achievement in its own right. With a lot of GOTY awards, raving Metacritic scores and high praise among the community, players feel like they are getting the games they deserve. Getting the games, they bought the PS4 for.

Consoles, if not anything else, are machines to bring the best out of the players in how they connect with each game. Sure, The Last of Us Remastered is not a new PS4 game but still porting it over from PS3 shows the respect and admiration Sony has for its devs, games and the people who play them.

Talking about Microsoft, on the other hand, have been making a lot of pf promises but never delivering. Bringing Gears of War back from the dead was a good choice and Microsoft remains as loyal to their Halo and Forza franchises as ever, but that is pretty much it. Lacking in both quality and quantity: Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Killer Instinct have not had the same effect on gamers that something like Bloodborne or Persona 5 did.

Gears of War
Xbox One’s GOW, a lot Different than what the Acronym Suggests.

In fact, Microsoft’s future plans do not seem to carry so much potential either. The recently released Sea of Thieves was quite the disappointment for some due to its lack of content and server issues. As for now, Microsoft has just announced a few titles that fans can expect. You guessed it, no new IP, just new installments to Forza, Halo, the long-awaited Crackdown, and possibly Gears of War.

Sony, on the other hand, has been firing on all cylinders. The recent God of War, currently 94 on Metacritic, could be considered a new IP solely on how much it has changed and revamped the entire structure of the previous games. Yet despite all this, it has never been more loyal to its previous installments and the fans are loving it.

The upcoming Spiderman looks like a treat while Ghost of Tsushima seems something that will keep me interested. Detroit: Become Human seems to capture the PS4 tech in its entire glory while The Last of Us 2 is a pleasant surprise.

Then there is the new deal Sony brokered with Hideo Kojima. Pardon my French, “Holy shit! Being inspiring to people even outside of the gaming industry”, Kojima has been called the ‘Spielberg of Video Games’ and many other things. The Metal Gear series, still to date, remains relevant, protective, ingenious, and an artful masterpiece.

No wonder what Silent Hills could’ve been. Thankfully, Death Stranding is there to fill the void and we cannot survive the hype train. All in all, a great investment on Sony’s part to secure Kojima’s future projects exclusively for the PS4.

Kojima Productions
What Wonders do you Hold, Kojima-san?

Maybe it is something regarding the business plan and strategy of each company, but whatever Microsoft is doing, it is not working out. Maybe the guys at Microsoft are all those in suits and tie while the ones at Sony are flip-flop wearing guys in glasses. Evidently, one is more interested with the business and tangible prospect of the machine while the other cares about the fans, the players.

With the console race almost coming to the end, it is much of a stretch for Xbox One to do something at this point, something miraculous even. For the consumer, Sony has had much more of an impact than Microsoft did. With such potential from its current developers under Sony, players can only expect to ‘Await Greatness’.

Make no mistake, if you are not an investor, not a businessman; then PS4 is the real deal. After all, Sony has been ever so proud of this with all their ‘This is for the Players’ marketing.