UPDATE: 8 New Spectre Variants For Intel Chips Discovered, Classified As “High-Risk”

UPDATE: A representative from Intel reached out to Segmentnext and has issued the following statement:

Protecting our customers’ data and ensuring the security of our products are critical priorities for us. We routinely work closely with customers, partners, other chipmakers and researchers to understand and mitigate any issues that are identified, and part of this process involves reserving blocks of CVE numbers. We believe strongly in the value of coordinated disclosure and will share additional details on any potential issues as we finalize mitigations. As a best practice, we continue to encourage everyone to keep their systems up-to-date.

Intel is already knee deep in trouble with the Meltdown and Spectre security exploit becoming public and AMD Ryzen giving Intel a run for its money on the other hand and to add fuel to fire, 8 new Spectre variants have been discovered for Intel Chips.

As reported by Heise, researchers have found 8 new variants of Spectre security exploit and are named as Spectre-ng. However, these exploits have not been made public. According to researchers, the attack scenario to exploit these vulnerabilities resemble the Spectre exploit.

The report suggests that shared hosting providers are at risk with these newly discovered Spectre variants and the vulnerabilities share the same design pattern as Meltdown and Spectre Security exploits.

Furthermore, the report suggests that Intel is actively working to patch out these newly discovered exploits and has been working with Microsoft to develop patches, however, it is not clear when these patches will be available.

Of the 8 new Spectre variants, Intel has classified 4 of them as “high-risk” while the other 4 are classified as medium risk. Reportedly, the Spectre-ng attack pattern is similar to that of Spectre.

This comes shorlty after Intel revealed 8th gen CPU refreshes which has completely been redesigned to counter Spectre and Meltdown security exploits.

Speaking of Intel, it seems that the company will soon be revealing its discrete GPU as Intel has rolled out launch ready drivers. The GPU driver brings support for improved HDR, Vulkan 1.1 along with graphical fixes for a bunch of games.

Furthermore, Intel has discontinued the Kaby Lake-X CPUs due to low sales and poor market response. These CPUs were announced just 11 months ago and were specifically designed and marketed to PC enthusiasts.

Also, former AMD Senior Director, Chris Hook, has joined Intel. Hook will be “driving the marketing strategy for visual technologies and upcoming discrete graphics products.”

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Source: Heise