DC Universe Streaming Service Announcement Reveals Swamp Thing Series

It was last year when DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. announced a new digital streaming service that would feature both animated and live-action television series based on intellectual properties owned by the comic book publisher. Today, the exclusive platform has been revealed to be called DC Universe.

According to the official landing page that went live earlier today, the “first-of-its kind” membership will mean “unlimited access” to exclusive original content for fans.

The list of planned television series includes Young Justice: Outsiders, an animated adaptation that focuses on a large roster of young superheroes; Harley Quinn, an animated adaptation that centers around the psychotic anti-hero; Titans, a live-action adaptation of the teenage superheroes; and Metropolis, a live-action adaptation that is set before Superman became the mighty protector of the bustling fictional city.

Today, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have added another name to the slate. There will also be a live-action adaptation of Swamp Thing for DC Universe; featuring screenwriters Mark Verheiden (Daredevil) and Gary Dauberman (It), and executive producer James Wan (Aquaman) alongside others.

The official logos for the upcoming television series, excluding Metropolis, have been released for the public and can be browse below.

There is currently no release date for DC Universe but the digital streaming service is expected to go live sometime later this year to coincide with the release of Young Justice: Outsiders and Titans. Metropolis and Swamp Thing, on the other hand, are being targeted for a release next year. Harley Quinn remains in the wild for now.