Westworld Season 3 Officially Announced, Will Address Gender Pay Gap

It has been only two weeks since the second season began running for Westworld but there is no harm in informing everyone that a third season has now been initiated for the critically acclaimed television series.

The official announcement, however, makes no mention of a release window. The natural wish would be for the third season to drop as soon as possible but a premiere somewhere next year seems the best likelihood in this case.

The third season was unofficially announced last month when Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) discussed the issue of gender pay gap in an interview. The female cast was not paid as much as the male co-stars in the first season. This situation was bettered for the second season but there is still a divide between the two genders. The upcoming third season promises to rectify this.

The hosts will continue their search for answers in the coming episodes, having gained sentience and freedom to roam the futuristic theme park without any limitations. This search will lead to the discovery of even more secrets about Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Arnold Weber (Jeffrey Wright) in the world they created themselves.

There will be a major focus on Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) as he tries to discover his true nature — he is also a host, while working with the security team to shut down the rampaging, rebelling hosts.

There will be ten episodes in total for the current, second season of Westworld. The next, third episode is schedule to arrive this Sunday.