Intel Kaby Lake-X CPUs Officially Discontinued Due To Low Sales And Poor Market Response

Intel has already been facing challenges with AMD Ryzen, Spectre and Meltdown security exploits and now Intel has announced that it is discontinuing the Intel Kaby Lake-X CPUs.

The Intel Kaby Lake-X CPUs were announced just 11 months ago and were specifically designed and marketed to PC enthusiasts. However, the response from the consumers wasn’t very good and due to low sales, Intel has decided to move Intel Kaby Lake-X CPUs to EOL status.

The Intel Kaby Lake-X CPUs are based 14nm+ architecture and are basically quad-core processors. The processors included in the Kaby Lake-X are Core i7-7740X and Core i5-7640X.

The reason why these CPUs didn’t sell well was that in general the hardware enthusiasts weren’t impressed by these CPUs despite featuring better IMC.

Speaking of Intel, former AMD Senior Director, Chris Hook, has joined Intel. Hook will be “driving the marketing strategy for visual technologies and upcoming discrete graphics products.”

It will be interesting to see what Intel will bring to the discrete GPU market, however, it is unknown if these GPUs will be aimed at the gaming sector or not.

While Intel is discontinuing its Kaby Lake-X CPUs but it will be introducing 8 Core Coffee Lake-S CPU soon. Intel has referenced 8 Core Coffee Lake-S CPU with integrated GPUs in its technical documentation.

The technical documentation mentions the Coffee Lake S8+2 CPUs and according to Intel’s format, the 8 represents the number of cores which hints that Intel is preparing to launch 8 Core processor in its 8th gen Cofee Lake-S series.

Furthermore, Intel has enabled the use of GPU to detect threats and viruses with Intel Threat Detection tech and Intel has also introduced Intel Security Essentials that standardizes security features across Intel processors.

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Source: Intel