Fortnite Season 4 Has Comenced, Here’s What’s New In The Game

Fortnite Season 4 has just started today bringing some serious terrain changes to the popular battle royale title. Alongside the kickstart of Season 4, Epic Games has a brand new season pass released for Fortnite, filled with new outfits, emotes and more.

What every fan wants to know is what happened with the infamous comets approaching the Fortnite island. We all believed that this would be the end of the Tilted Towers but, as it seems, it was a close call. The largest of those comets actually hit the area right of the Tilted Towers, the Dusty Depot. The crater that has been created after the impact has destroyed the area, forming the Dusty Divot.

The comet impact isn’t just cosmetic though as new type of rocks are now available, called “Hop Rocks”. These comet shards allow players to jump higher for a limited amount of time. The Dusty Divot crater isn’t the only one too, as more, smaller ones have been spotted in various locations on the map.

The drive-in movie area that has been shown in the Season 4 trailer can also be found in-game, as a new location called Risky Reels. More places have been changed as well like Moisty Mires and Snobby Shores.

Rumor has it, that Epic Games plans to implement small changes to the Fortnite map each week, slowly terraforming the area around you like it has a life of its own. You might be able to experience the change of Dusty Divot from an emergency base to a new entirely different location if something like that happens.

Epic Games has managed to take the basics of the battle royale genre and create a whole new take on it by focusing on the world around it and how you fit in it.

Are you excited about Fortnite Season 4? What do you think about the new Dusty Divot area?