Discover The State of Decay 2 Secret To Survival, Gameplay Trailer Discussed

If you are a State Of Decay 2 fan then you know this for sure that surviving in the zombie apocalypse is not that easy. Undead Labs also don’t make it a cup of tea. Although with this new gameplay launch trailer, are were able to pluck out a few tidbits that can help you survive those zombies.

The State Of Decay 2 will be featuring a variety of different characters, from builders and farmers to charismatic leaders and soldiers.

All that may be helpful to some level, but what is really important is that you make sure, you aim for the head. Yes, aiming for the head of those zombies will take them down more quickly.

That said, make sure that you obtain as many resources as you can because they will be very helpful in upgrading your base as well as in producing food for survivors.

All three maps, individually, roughly size up to the previous game’s map, as per the developers. Furthermore, more maps will also be added in the future.

Coming back to the survival, previously what we learned about the game is that the players will have to maintain the happiness level of their home.

With that, we also learned, keeping the stockpiles fresh is one of the most important things. So make sure you keep your stockpiles fresh and do make sure that you build watchtowers for protection.

Watchtowers will give you an extra edge to keep an eye out for any intruder zombies that roam into close proximity.

With all that said, recently Undead Labs announced that State Of Decay technical beta will be hosted before the final game releases. This the developers are doing in order to make sure that fewer bugs and issue are faced in the final version.

Which is a really good decision as it will help the game in the long run. At the moment the date for the technical beta has not been revealed but considering the actual game is scheduled to release on May 22.

We will surely be hearing more about the beta soon enough.

What are your expectations for the upcoming State Of Decay 2? Let us know in the comments below.