Square Enix PC Sale Allows For Big Discounts On Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest

In celebration of Golden Week in Japan (a week where there are a number of holidays close together), Square Enix has decided to hold a Square Enix PC sale, allowing interested gamers to buy Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games on the PC for a fairly low cost.

Golden Week in Japan is a week where the holidays of Shōwa Day (commemorating the birthday of the Emperor Hirohito), Constitution Memorial Day (celebrating the creation of Japan’s modern constitution following World War 2), Greenery Day (intended to celebrate nature), and Children’s Day (which celebrates kids).

The Square Enix PC sale should give a lot of kids good Children’s Day gifts, especially considering how cheap they are and how high-quality many Final Fantasy games are. Sony is also holding a Golden Week sale on the Playstation Store.

When it comes to actual games for the sale, players can get the game MiniNinjas for free, and can get every Final Fantasy game from Final Fantasy 3 to Final Fantasy 8 for either eight or six dollars. Final Fantasy games beyond that, like Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, and Final Fantasy 13, 13-2, and 13-3, are mainly 10 dollars, though 10 and 10-2 are 15 dollars for the bundle.

World of Final Fantasy is available for 28 dollars, while the two Dragon Quest games that are available, Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Heroes 2, are 20 dollars and 30 dollars, respectively.

The whole Golden Week sale gives players who’d like to play Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest on their PCs a good number of deals, so if you’ve been thinking of getting into Final Fantasy, you can pick a few of these up on Steam for pretty low prices.

Or, if none of the Final Fantasy games available in the Square Enix PC sale tickle your fancy, you can try out Dragon Quest Heroes or Dragon Quest Heroes 2, or you can get on a Playstation 4 and see what games are on sale there.