New Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Is In Works, Still No D-Pad

Only a few days after Nintendo’s financial report for the first fiscal year of Nintendo Switch, the company is already working on making the console more stable. According to latest reports, a new Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con is in the works, fixing the issues players have been noticing over the console’s first year.

The old Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con has been giving users a hard time, since complaints about it either not being recognizable by the console or being when it shouldn’t have been made. Nintendo is addressing those issues, creating a new Joy-Con, eliminating those issues.

The news comes from the Federal Communications Commission and has been reported by Gamnesia, suggesting that Nintendo is bringing an improved version of the  Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con. The filling includes images of the new Joy-Con which visually hasn’t really changed.

The company lists the relevant changes as “Antenna pattern and peripheral circuit”, an updated version of FCC ID: BKEHAC015, which corresponds to the original Joy-Con filing.

What’s funny about the news is that fans were mostly waiting for a new version of the Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con, which would feature a D-Pad. However, the only Joy-Con to have such feature is created by a third party developer, Hori.

PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya has recently warned Nintendo that the studio might lose motivation for developing Bayonetta 3 if a D-Pad wasn’t released. The new updated version of the Joy-Con is a step towards the right direction but it will sure be a long ride before fans actually get exactly what they’re waiting for.

In related news, Nintendo has recently revealed some of its plans for E3 2018. The time of the broadcast has been stated by the company alongside the fact that, Nintendo E3 will mostly focus on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

How do you feel about Nintendo making an updated version of the Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con? Would you rather see one bearing a D-Pad instead?