Fortnite Season 4 Starts Today, Downtime Scheduled

The wait is over, Fortnite Season 4 starts today with Battle Pass update which will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Fortnite Mobile, PC, and Macs.

This update was confirmed by Epic games yesterday when they revealed that it is the last day for season 3 and afterward they revealed the Fortnite season 4 downtime which is scheduled for today.

Epic games has been teasing the coming of the new season by adding new superhero skins to the comet-shaped image in the game every day.

Meteor has been present for a month in the game and they recently started crashing on the map, Along with an emergency broadcast which was displayed on the in-game Tv in Fortnite.

Epic started to tease the arrival of Meteor on the Twitter account since last week with a different image each day including a superhero hinting at some new skins. Every image came with a description like  ”Battle. Adapt. Win.” followed by ”Fight with Honor”, ”Check every corner, box, and bush,” and the final one ”Leave your mark”.

The final teaser said ”leave your mark” along with the confirmation of season 4. With four characters separated in the image making it look like a comic cover as seen below. The tweets also suggest that season 4 will have a superhero theme.

If you visit the official website of Fortnite you’ll see an image showing the arrival of the season 4 but with a different message which says ”Brace for Impact!”.

Everything began with a mysterious meteor shower, taking everything in its path which many players are now witnessing as it is crashing down taking down structures throughout the map.

Fortnite is extremely popular and it’s continuing to grow further especially in March when the game earned $223 million in just a month.

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