Bungie Plans To Release Music Of The Spheres, Marty O’Donnell’s Original Work

If you’ve paid attention to the various stories coming out of Destiny development, you’ve likely heard of the Music of the Spheres collection, a project by Marty O’Donnell that was originally going to serve as the soundtrack for the game. Bungie recently announced that they plan to release that music.

The news comes from Bungie’s community manager Cozmo, who announced that Music of the Spheres would be getting released soon on the Bungie subreddit, so we’ll finally be able to hear O’Donnell’s original dream for the Destiny soundtrack.

Marty O’Donnell was originally supposed to work on the soundtrack for the original Destiny game, but he ended up being fired during development over a disagreement with Bungie’s heads about the studio’s partnership with Activision. O’Donnell later sued Bungie for his firing, and won the lawsuit back in 2015, earning backpay, profit sharing, and lost stock.

The Spheres collection was originally an eight-part symphonic suit that was developed in collaboration with Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame, but at some point before the game’s original E3 trailer, Activision went over O’Donnell’s head and replaced his music in the trailer with some of their own. After his firing, forty minutes of the forty-eight minute long symphony were available on the public domain.

However, O’Donnell didn’t get the rights to Music of the Spheres back, and worries surfaced that Activision would just throw all the music away and we would never hear it. However, with Cozmo’s announcement, we’ll be seeing it sometime in the near future.

Exactly when remains to be seen, but considering the huge fuss that popped up when O’Donnell got fired from Bungie, hopefully the Spheres symphony will end up being well worth the wait, especially when it’s been four years since Destiny first hit shelves. We’ll just have to keep an eye on Bungie to see.